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Shoe Bronzing


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Baby shoe bronzing is an electroplating process that encases the shoe in a robust, thick layer of copper metal that allows every detail to be retained and creates a beautiful unique baby keepsake that will last a lifetime. As a final finish the shoe is treated to produce an antique or 'bronzed' appearance. Of course, bronzing is not limited to just shoes. If you have other items you would like bronzed just contact me to discuss it.

Whilst commonly known as 'Shoe Bronzing' the metal used to create these wonderful keepsakes is and always has been copper. Beware of imitations! Sometimes the term 'bronzing' is used to describe painting or dipping the shoe in a pigmented resin or lacquer. To ensure that your shoes are being plated with solid metal, look for the word 'electroplating'. This is the only word that means genuine metal plate.


Bronzed Shoe Keepsakes