Real Leaf & Flower Jewellery


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Woodland Collection

I aim to harmonise with the incomparable beauty of nature to create jewellery pieces as unique as the people who wear them. As in nature every piece is the only one of its kind. Real leaves and flowers are the mainstay of my current collection. A tree in full leaf is a magnificent sight. Look more closely and every leaf is different, with its own quality, character and foibles. This is what I want to highlight. They are not rather flat idealised representations, but as nature intended. The curves and leaf detail provide depth and a beautiful reflective quality. As a client of mine said, 'They look as if they have been just picked from the tree'. A layer of pure copper is slowly built up over the subject providing strength yet capturing the leaf detail on all faces. Some pieces retain the pure copper finish offering a warm patina, similar to rose gold others arte gold plated but most are pure (99.9%) silver plated. The finished piece is robust yet amazingly light and practical to wear, 

My customers love to know that the real leaf etc is actually inside their jewellery offering them something truly unique. Based on natural products each product varies in shape and size. They are real leaves etc, each with its own beauty and foibles, giving each piece its own unique look and charm.