Commissions Welcome

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Silver Bay Leaf
I often undertake commission work. Some examples here include an eroded seashell, a large bird feather, a very unusual brooch created from a piece of tree bark, and even a crow skull! More commonly I am asked to create pendants or ornaments from leaves which have a special memory for someone.

Hi Ian,

Your pendant arrived today, so I took my children out for a celebratory meal and gave my daughter her gift. She was very very touched and emotional and this gift was everything to her that I hoped it would be. I cook regularly with Bay leaves & our potted Bay tree has moved from kitchen door to kitchen door when we have moved house. I regularly ask the children to cut herbs for me, including of course, the Bay leaves. We also use Thyme in a tisane when we catch colds, so my daughter has grown up with an interest in the properties of natural remedies. She is also interested in ancient History, so when I found out that Bay leaf was an ancient symbol for achievement, it all just felt like this gift idea was perfect for her, to take a piece of home with her when she goes off to uni. I thought I'd let you know how much meaning there is to our family in this special pendant that you have crafted so beautifully. Thank you so much for making it such a perfect reality for us.